What They’re Saying

“I love and swear by this app because it keeps me accountable and I’ve treated it like my boss Monday thru Friday. I believe by using this app that July, which is traditionally a slow production and recruiting month, was a record month for my unit because WE TRACKED EVERY business activity. I have made a game out of it to see how many activities I can do in a day, week, month. My goal is always to beat my best. I also truly believe that by plugging my unit members into this app they have become much more productive and accountable to their business and to the teams monthly and year long team goals. Thank you Sean for such an amazing app.”
Jim Cundiff, Senior Cadillac Sales Director, 2012 & 2013 Sapphire King of Sales, Garden City, MI
“I’m LOVING this app! Tracking my contacts and working the numbers resulted in 7 parties and 6 new team members in August! This app has been an AWESOME focus tool for me!”
Judi Sargent,
Sales Director, Hazlet, New Jersey
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How It Works

This app is designed to support you in building your business.  And the ONLY THING that will ever cause your business to grow is TAKING ACTION.

This app will help you focus on and track the activities that you control (critical) as well as help you know which activities to change when you’re not getting the results you want.

There are 6 main features of the app:

1) TRACKING – this is the central feature of the app, and something that I hope you use every day!

You’ll be able to keep track of your Income Producing Activities (IPA’s) right on your phone!!!

Keeping track of the RIGHT activities is the only way to ensure that you are doing the actions to make sure your business consistently grows.

When you make a phone call, warm chat someone, or any other business building activity, just touch the screen to instantly track the action.  The spreadsheet automatically adds up your daily and weekly totals.


2) HISTORY – this allows you to compare your current week’s activities to the previous week’s activities.

The power of this app will be greatly enhanced when you not only track your daily and weekly IPA’s, but you assess your activities and change your game plan until you produce the results you want.


3) FREE WARM CHAT TRAINING – you get access to Sean’s audio series, “The Psychology of Successful Warm Chatting”

This audio program teaches you how to start conversations easily, avoid personal rejection, and have prospects recruit themselves into your business!


4) FREE BUSINESS TRAINING – access to all the audios, videos and articles from Sean’s Pink Caddie Coach blog to help you with your mindset as well as your skillset


5) FREE PERSONAL COACHING – inside the app, you can sign up for a complimentary Business Explosion Strategy Session.

In this session, you’ll have a business strategy expert help you clarify your compelling vision and goals, identify the internal and external obstacles standing in your way, and create a personalized game plan to create the success you desire and deserve.


6) SOCIAL MEDIA – keeps you connected to everything Sean and the entire Pink Caddie Coach team are doing on social media!

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